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Love, laughter, and music at Christmas

My favorite time of the year for music (after summertime) is Christmas. There have been some great musical creations done throughout the past three hundred years that still bring joy to my heart.

If you live in a city, you may be treated to a time of caroling by roving singers who are celebrating the season. You may also spend some time with family and friends at a local restaurant or at someone's home. These are all special times.

Where would we be without music? It's such a gift that we can share with others. It's one of the true common languages spoken through that part of our hearts that God created to enjoy in unity with our fellow sojourners in life.

If you don't believe this, watch this YouTube video done on a global scale of 'Stand by me': Truly moving!

I also realize that there are many challenges people experience during this time. My wife and I have. We've experienced loss of family members, loss of health, loss of friends, challenging finances, and many other things. We all experience difficulties in an imperfect world.

The good news is: Jesus has overcome this world by coming to this earth as a little baby and giving His life as a grown man for our sins. You can have hope that there is a savior!

Perhaps this message sounds trite to you or just nonsense. Well, that's one of the choices we have in life with free will. As for me, I believe we have a wonderful Savior and many truly inspired musicians who've composed, arranged, and played beautiful music for this time of year.

I've recorded some music especially for this season and have posted it freely on this website. Give it a listen and enjoy this season. It only comes once a year!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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