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Matt was called to music at a very young age. 

His mom would laugh and say that he danced to the popular songs of the day around the coffee table as a baby.  

At an early age, his grandpa gave him a student Decca guitar from Sears. 

He's been playing with musicians in numerous venues ever since. 

He loves to teach others how to draw the Holy Spirit into authentic worship and praise.

Having come from a military family, Matt loves to honor those who have fought and died in service to our country. 

Christian Music Artist Matt Goolsby

A Walk

I went for a walk,
to bring outside inside,
By mountains and trees,
there treasure troves hide.

The rivers flow free,
there is nothing to buy...

I went on a walk,
to bring outside inside.


My friend Randy loves to write poetry and music. This is a dedication to him. 


Poetry by Randy Stoltz

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