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1st Musician Tip of 2018!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

It's 2018 and you're wondering, 'I have a musical talent but I'm nervous about sharing it or performing in front of others'.

Musical Performance

Every, and I mean EVERY performer gets nervous. I've never meant one who doesn't. That little or maybe a lot of adrenaline is what gives one the 'edge' they need to stay focused and concentrate on what they're doing.

Now there can be a problem when one has too much fear and can't actually do what they'd like to. How do you overcome that?

One of the long held secrets is that you learn not to focus on the crowd, but on what you're doing as well as who you're doing it for.

For me, I love to lead worship because I'm rejoicing in my Creator, Jesus Christ. When I focus on Him, my worries slip away. When I start thinking about the people in front of me, then I start having problems.

Maybe you don't have a relationship with Jesus like I do. Then it's imperative that you find a purpose in what you're doing and share that.

The other good news-bad news factor is that no musician can play well unless they've practiced. Because your fingers, voice, breath or whatever means you're using to express yourself have what we call 'muscle memory', practice is the key!

Again I hope these short tips are useful to you. Please contact me ( with subjects you'd like to see in future blogs and get out there and make some music!

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