Love is the key (But A major works pretty well!)

Today's topic may seem like a tongue-in-cheek cliche, but I would like to talk a little today about what's really important as a musician.

Last week you read about the first ever, Dallas Christian Music Festival and the preparations going on with it. This week while reading something else, I was struck by something Franklin Graham shared on Twitter.

In Louisiana this last weekend, some young men knelt as a funeral procession passed by. You can read the story here: What a marvelous witness these young men were!

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It got me to thinking more about how a simple act of kindness can deeply effect so many people.

In addition to this story, my own personal life recently has had some very challenging times with our sons.

Without going into details, we have been challenged in our faith and continue to be.

Last night was particularly difficult because of someone who was very offensive during a visit we were making.

At this point you're probably wondering what this has to do with music? Well, what better way to witness to God's love by demonstrating it through music! That is exactly what the music festival is about.

Our community and world are in desperate need of love. Those who don't know Jesus are living lives of quiet desperation. We can give them hope and love through the Spirit of Christ. We can touch them through our gifts that nothing else may be able to reach.

Think about it for a minute, when did hate or divisiveness ever solve anything or cause anyone to change for the better? It never has and never will.

Gentle Haven Music, Web Design, Matt Goolsby, God's Love