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Dabblings from a drummer...

There's a funny joke about drummers that goes something like this: "How do you get a drummer off of your doorstep? Pay for the pizza."

Now in all fairness, the drummer for our band 'Wrecknciled' spent many years working as a dispatcher for the State Police. He has some very interesting stories and insights to share.

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Drummers are a very different type of musician. I say that as a compliment not as a diss.

They're one of the most important members of the band, providing the foundation for everything that's done.

Singers often conflict with drummers because they get blamed for tempo increases and decreases.

But, they are the guitarist, bassist, and keyboard players best friends. Or at least they should be.

Without them the rest of us would sound very hollow and forlorn. In fact, they are usually multi-talented and can be very humble about it. (There are notable exceptions!)

It's with all of this preface that I'd like to introduce: Dabblings from a Drummer. This is my tongue-in-cheek name of the stories our drummer has written through the years and the insights that God has given him.

And if you've never met Animal from Sesame street, well without further ado!

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