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Summertime is fun time!

Hello out there and welcome to a new installment of 'Musings from a Musician'.

This has been a fun and warm summer this year with lots of activities. That means something for everyone.

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Growing up in SoCal (Southern California), I spent a lot of time at the beach.

In fact, one summer I was there every day!

My friend and I took his 1970 Volkswagon Beetle to Zuma Beach where we surfed on boards and our bodies all summer long.

It was awesome and I thank God I have those memories.

There are no doubt as many remembrances of summer as there are people since we're all so uniquely designed.

What gets you 'amped' up to enjoy the summer? It is a exciting sporting event? An active swimming pool? Or a quiet place to read?

Whatever gets you going during the summer is probably not too different from your friends, family or neighbors.

What gets me going during the summer is good music. Many other folks get excited by it too.

Music is a universal language. Every culture has its own type of music it enjoys.

The Caribbean people love the laid back rhythms of Reggae. The people of Hawaii love the Hawaiian lap steel guitar and Ukulele while the people of Mexico love Polkas with Mariachi bands.

I've been to all of these places so I know firsthand. Music speaks to us all.

Gentle Haven Music, Web Design, Tribal Drums, Culture

Each of us has a place in our heart where we treasure the memories that meant something to us.

We often associate a song with a special moment or a place.

I can still remember the exact place I was when I was eleven years old and heard a song by a famous group of the day. There's just something in our subconscious that's meant to remember and treasure those times.

Would you like to create a way to move somebody in your own special way? I'm really talking about the kind of art that moves people in a positive way that creates great memories.

If so, take a look at my friend Randy Stoltz's new website: Randy Stoltz Art

And by the way, enjoy your summer!

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