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How to use color in your playing

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Since this is the first post of 2021, I’ve taken quite some time to think about what I would write.

By now many of us have fatigue from the last year of staying home and seeing so many with masks on. This post won’t touch on any of that. No, this post is meant to encourage your inner artist to experiment and create.

Last year a friend of mine introduced me to a new amplifier. I don’t endorse products though so I won’t mention the manufacturer or name. But, I will say that it’s a practice-sized amp with a multitude of effects.

What‘s exciting is that it can be easily used at most any venue. It’s lightweight, only about 15 pounds and comes with both Google Android or Apple IOS apps.

I had been waiting to see if our church was going to be able to meet in person again before I bought one, but that hadn’t happened. You see, I wasn’t totally satisfied with sound I was getting on the ‘livestream’ we were recording once a week.

My current guitar effects were giving me this sort of sound:

But, what I really wanted was this:

Well, there was a solution!

Now that I’ve got the new amp, I can practice ‘coloring’ with more vivid effect. I can also add riffs in between singing, bridges, choruses and the like.

This is where the artistry comes in. The best way to see how your musical coloring sounds is to record it. Utilizing an inexpensive midi computer interface to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is the quickest and easiest way to hear how you sound.

You can even take an audio file stripped of different parts as they demonstrate on YouTube and add your own parts. You can also go to sites like the Free Music Library and download prerecorded tracks to play along with.

Now, this is where you have to be motivated to get out there and start improving your sound. After all, you do want to be the best you can be, right? A little sweat and some ‘wood shedding’ with your ax should get you there!

I will chat again soon with you.

Let all glory go to God!

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