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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

The really cool thing about using for your hosting is that now you can create your own videos and share them wherever you’d like.

I'm going to post a short video I made on this article and explain how I did it.

For those of you who would like to make a video but the cost of the software or time is too much, it's much easier than you think!

This was a fairly easy video to make. But, don't be fooled! They take time.

The first thing you have to is decide what photos you'd like to use. Easier said than done!

The way to decide is by determining what your message is. In the movies they call it a 'Storyboard'. This is where you map out your story. That in itself can take a long time to refine and ultimately decide what and what not to include. In some ways, what not to include can be more important than what to.

Once you've decided what to include, you need to next outline what order to put it into. This is also easier said than done.

In the case of this video, I wanted to highlight what details my personal story entails. Granted, there are many less details than I could include, but again, it's very important to remember what NOT to include.

Now that we've got the purpose of the story and what to include to tell it with, finally one needs to decide what kind of music fits best. Another 'Easier said than done' moment.

I would suggest trying numerous different loops to see what works. One safety tip: You may absolutely love a looped track in your video, but do your viewers? Have an objective third party view it and give you honest feedback. It's well worth it.

Finally, put your story together and give it a whirl on various social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube especially. Then you'll see how the effort pays off.

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