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Be creative, yet musical

Writer's note: This post was written while waiting for a flight in the airport which goes to show that creativity can happen anywhere!

Have you ever played a riff in a performance and then thought: "That probably sucked"?

If you are anything like me, then yes you have.

After years of performing and leading worship, I can say emphatically that as an artist, our craft is challenging! Even my dear wife who knits for fun criticizes her own work. In fact, she's her own worst critic.

Instead of being subjective, I've found that we need to take a stance of objectivity in our playing.

Ask yourself: How am I sounding in this phrase, song, work or whatever you're playing. Ask someone to record you or record yourself. (See my blog on Gentle Haven Music for more about recording software.)

An adage that I've learned over the years is: Less is more! Think of movies or books that give you a hint of what will or has happened but leaves your imagination to fill in the rest.

It's the same with music. You can always play better. But maybe it's time to play less! This can also make you sound better. Using filler is an art, not a science.

Please email me if you're interested in learning more about building a web presence and remember, artistry is really a mix of your right AND your left brain!

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