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My music sounds great, doesn't it?

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Today's blog installment, (Number 6 of the year if you're keeping track), is about recording. So why the dog picture you say? Well, let me get right into that.

Many people have watched American Idol over the years and seen numerous people audition for a coveted spot to become America's next great phenom.

I must confess that I don't much care for the show, but when my wife has watched it, I occasionally will sit down and listen to a few auditions.

This picture is representative of what the auditioners think they sound like.

They think: "I'm so good at this." "They love me." "It's wonderful that people all over the country and world get to here my talent."

Then comes the shocker. Randy Jackson used to have a saying: "Yo, dawg, check it out." And then the dreaded phrase, 'What was that?' from Simon Cowell.

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You can sympathize with one who auditions on the show but is clueless about how they sound. In fact, now that their world is shattered or they're still in denial, what do they do next?

Well, there are three options:

  1. Quit

  2. Try again

  3. Practice more, then try again

Which would you do?

Okay, there is a fourth option. Record yourself!

There's really no excuse these days. You must learn how to record yourself and SERIOUSLY scrutinize what you sound like. This is where the subjective part of you becomes objective.

Like a Judge in American Idol, you must listen to yourself and see what areas you haven't worked enough on, what things need honing and what don't, and if necessary, get some help where you're falling short.

Help doesn't have to be professional. It can be from someone who likes to help musicians or is just interested in seeing what you've got to work with. There are lots of options but I would recommend finding someone who you trust to help you.

Look around, ask friends or family for suggestions, but by all means don't give up! You never know that you may have the talent and creative energy to be a Diva yourself. It's also enough to just enjoy yourself with your music and never be a well known musician. Fulfilling your dreams as you see them is enough, Dawg!

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