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What's your inspiration?

I've been reading a lot of books and articles this year on the topics that interest me.

I must admit, I love westerns. There's something about the lone gun riding on the range who runs into trouble at every corner of the wilderness he goes to. It can also be a frontier woman who's tired of the big city life and just wants a piece of land or a store filled with wares to sell to passers by.

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Many of these stories give the reader a sense of self-sacrifice, struggle, and finally victory. They also present some sort of nemesis or antagonist to the protagonist of the story.

Often times we can identify with the main character of a story since we go through daily struggles ourselves.

This begs the question: What's your inspiration?

Are you the type of person who sees a challenge and makes a goal to overcome it? Or, are you one who enjoys watching someone else achieve a goal? Maybe you're one who wants to help a friend overcome a challenge?

Whatever your role, you and I both know how challenging life can be. We often must overcome family issues, financial pressures, work difficulties or health challenges. Any of these can be debilitating in and of themselves.

But, challenges and struggles can be a blessing in disguise!

Let me explain.

When you first learned to walk or helped your child to learn, did you or they get it right the first time? Did you sprint when you first got on your feet? No, of course not!

You struggled up, walked a few steps and then maybe fell flat on your face. Or your child did. However, you or they got back up and tried again, And again, and again. Until it finally happened, walking!

Gentle Haven Music Web Design, Blog, Inspiration, Creativity

Just like learning to walk, life is full of difficult challenges.

My wife and I volunteer to drive a hospital van once a week locally to pick-up people for their medical appointments.

Many of these folks have had very difficult circumstances happen to them in their lives.

They ARE an inspiration to us though! They haven't given up despite the difficulties they've had.

There's a certain level of motivation that these people give me to keep going.

Sometimes doing something new or challenging requires a little blood, sweat and tears. But, the end result is worth it.

This blog entry is meant to inspire you to look into your heart introspectively and find what inspires you.

Here are a few of my inspirations:

  • Runners - Seriously, someone who runs and endures through a marathon is inspiring and crazy at the same time!

  • Missionaries - Anyone who's willing to give up their comfortable life and go work in a foreign country is someone who inspires me!

  • Teachers - Probably the most maligned group of people in the U.S., who have one of the most difficult jobs, deserve our gratitude and respect, period.

  • Street Pastors - This group is probably not a very large community, but they dedicate their lives to seeing the homeless, drug-addicted, and desperate find meaning and hope!

These people are some of the group that inspire me to do my best.

What inspires you?

Why don't you share it with me... I'd love to hear it!

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