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Can you write music?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The short answer is: YES! Anyone with a mind, heart and a bit of creativity can write music. It's that simple.

Let me state the obvious caveat: It takes time and effort!

I'm going to be posting a step-by-step process blog of how to compose, write, and record a song.

I've created a video introducing the song to generate excitement on my about page, but you can also see it below:

I won't yet mention the title of the song, but had an inspiration several months ago that's finally coming to fruition.

There are several different software tools I'll be using to produce and edit this original, so stay tuned as I unravel the creative process.

Many blessings to you and stay tuned!

Update 11/5/2020 -

I'm just getting back to working on the new song. I have it roughly mapped out and I captured it on video, but it has a ways to go.

Please check back as I will continue to post updates as it progresses.

Lord Bless you!

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